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About Valerie

I fell on photography in my childhood.

I was 5 when I took the first pictures of my family (a lot of bottom views, as you can imagine  :-) )

With several photographers around me, my family gave me my first polaroid camera at 8 that I used advisedly, for the rolls were so expensive ! 

At 10, I got my first reflex camera, (as old as me!) . I kept it for 20 years, working on the light, nature and architecture (my  favorite artistic trend is impressionnism).

When my zoom fétiche broke twice in 6 months, I decided to switch to digital cameras (and eventually autofocus !!) allowing me to start taking souvenir pictures again, and portraits.

After cinema and photography studies, I specialised in nature photography, working outdoors with natural lightning (lifestyle photography).

You can book a photo session in my studio (opened Monday to Saturday). And for those who prefer outdoors or at your home, it is obviously possible as well !

My work (even in studio) still reflects lifestyle photography (light, mouvement, dynamism...).

But I tend more and more to propose other styles, more "studio-like".

To discover my more personal work, have a look at my book.

And follow her on Facebook.


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