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Valerie fell on photography in her childhood.

Several photographers in her family, her first polaroid camera at 8 that she used advisedly, for the rolls were so expensive ! 

At 10, her first reflex camera, (as old as her!) and, at last, digital cameras allowed her to start taking souvenir pictures again, and portraits.

After cinema and photography studies, she specialises in nature photography, working outdoors with natural lightning.

You can book a session in her studio. And for those who prefer outdoors or at your home, it is obviously possible as well !

To discover Valerie's more personal work, have a look at her book.

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Située à Vernon dans l'Eure (27), à 45 minutes de Paris, Valérie Kattan Photographe intervient en Normandie, dans les Yvelines et dans l'Oise.

Equipée d'un studio mobile, elle réalise des reportages photo pour les entreprises (portraits, photo en situation, locaux, événements, séminaires, photographie culinaire), pour les particuliers (photos d'identité  portraits professionnels, EVJF, mariage, grossesse, naissance, nouveau né, portraits de famille) et des books pour les comédiens et mannequins.

Elle donne également des cours de photos de 6 à 106 ans, en individuel ou en groupe. Thèmes allant des bases de la photo à la retouche sur logiciel professionnel.

Located in Vernon, Eure (27), 45 minutes from Paris, Valerie Kattan Photographer operates  in Normandy,  Yvelines and Oise.

Equipped with a mobile studio, she performs photo coverage for companies (portraits, in situ pictures, venues, events, seminars, culinary art pictures), for private events (Identity photos, professional photographies, Bachelor parties, weddings, pregnancy, babies, family portraits) and books for comedians and models.

She also teaches photography from 6 to 106 years old, in private or in groups. Themes vary from photography basics to editing on professional software.

Valérie Kattan Photographe

3 place Adolphe Barette - 27200 VERNON

06 78 81 50 38

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